Lowongan Pekerjaan Baru: Production Engineer di Karawang

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  • Okt 18, 2023

PT YOFC International Indonesia Karawang
Informasi Mengenai Perusahaan:

PT. YOFC INTERNATIONAL INDONESIA (YII) is a foreign company based in Indonesia that has a main core business in fiber optic cable. YII has set up a fiber cable manufacturing plant with an annual production capacity of 2 million fiber kilometers, which will entitle YII as the biggest optical cable company in Indonesia.

Deskripsi Pekerjaan


Managing the planning of optical cable production, fiber usage, and raw material for each process and controlling the production and improving OEE at PT Yangtze Optics Indonesia


1.      Arrange adequate resources such as raw materials, manpower, and machine availabilities according to the production capacity, and make the Weekly Production Planning meet all the on-hand contracts’ due dates.

2.      Monitor the execution of the production plan and make the cable output reach the quantity in the schedule.

3.      Coordinate between shifts and guarantee the best application of production resources (people, equipment, material & power, etc.)

4.      Ensure the CIS and ERP data required are keyed in properly and timely by all concerned people in production.

5.      Help shift leaders in shift management and execute necessary training on shift leaders

6.      Communicate with engineers for cable technical issues Management of the workshop

7.      Ensure that all the inventory, material consumptions, and material scrap are well monitored, recorded properly, and timely.

8.      Ensure the high accuracy of inventory of raw materials on the production side proven by the accurate data of stock-taking in the Report and the ERP as well.

9.      Prepare production reports concerning four shifts.

10.  Safety of production.

11.  Study the master plan from the SCM dept. and make detailed production schedules for each order.

12.  Assign work to each process on paper and adjust the schedule if necessary.

13.  Issue the finished good cables to store and correctly and timely input the progress into the ERP system.

14.  Make the best use of all of the resources in the cable Department.

15.  Cooperate with shift leaders to monitor the execution of the schedule and plan for recovery if any delay occurs.

16.  Accomplish other works assigned by the Production Manager


Education: Bachelor/Diploma (all majors)

Experience: 5 years in the same field

Min./Max. Age: Min. 25 years old

Knowledge & Skill :

1.      Ability to create a Master Production Schedule (MPS), Production Plan, Material Requirement Planning (MRP)

2.      Able to operate Ms. Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)

3.      Have Communication and Persuasion Skills

4.      Good Interpersonal Skills

5.      Have Leadership ability

6.      Can work with all parties

7.      Able to think analytically

Cara Melamar :

Lamaran dikirimkan online melalui link berikut: 

PT YOFC International Indonesia: https://myjobstreet-id.jobstreet.co.id/application/online-apply.php?AdvertisementSource=1&advertisement_id=4504148&fr=49&jobId=4502166&job_id=4502166&s=40&searchPath=%2Fid%2Fjobs%2Fin-Karawang-Jawa-Barat&token=0~db72ca27-8737-48cd-b10a-ab2ff6eebf98&trackData=%7B%22ApplySource%22%3A7%7D

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