Karir Berkualitas: Lowongan Legal and Corporate Secretary Staff di Tangerang

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  • Nov 08, 2023
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PT Mitra Angkasa Sejahtera Tbk.


Informasi Mengenai Perusahaan:

VISI: Franchise mur dan baut pertama di Indonesia. 
MISI: Modernisasi cara pemasaran mur dan baut melalui sistem franchise yang tertib. Menjangkau user mur dan baut seluruh Indonesia dan jaringan franchise terluas dengan stock terlengkap. Memberikan Solusi mur dan baut yang berkualitas dan harga terjangkau. Franchise mur dan baut pertama di Indonesia.

Deskripsi Pekerjaan


  1. Reviewing agreements and contracts,
  2. Maintaining company compliance with legal documents,
  3. Providing legal documents as needed by related divisions, and
  4. Coordinating with company retainer, ensuring compliance with applicable laws and regulations, including corporate governance requirements.

Corporate Secretary Officer:

  1. Preparing any report, document, and correspondence to OJK as a follow-up to the company’s changes to the articles of association, shareholders, management, etc,
  2. Preparing the circular resolutions as needed,
  3. Prepare POAs and any other letters as needed,
  4. Arranging the signing of various corporate documents by the company’s BOD and BOC,
  5. Maintaining executed agreements, transaction documents, the list of such documents,
  6. Maintaining company records, including minutes of meetings and filing documents, and
  7. Organizing and responding to routine incoming emails, Coordinating with other divisions as needed.


  1. A Bachelor’s Degree in Law from a reputable law school with a minimum of 1 (one) year experience in the Legal and Corporate Secretary Field,
  2. Proficiency in communication skills in English, both written and spoken,
  3. A proactive attitude with a genuine willingness to learn quickly. Strong collaboration skills, diligent work ethic, adaptability, and a team-oriented approach,
  4. Ability to prioritise and manage multiple tasks simultaneously,
  5. Adaptive and able to work in a fast-paced environment,
  6. A passion for learning and personal growth, and
  7. Good Legal Administration

Cara Melamar :

Lamaran dikirimkan online melalui link berikut:

Link PT Mitra Angkasa Sejahtera Tbk.: https://myjobstreet-id.jobstreet.co.id/application/online-apply.php?AdvertisementSource=1&advertisement_id=4523181&fr=49&jobId=4521188&job_id=4521188&s=40&searchPath=%2Fid%2Fjobs%2Fin-Tangerang-Banten&token=0~8722d0b4-f442-4bbb-b9e7-b66c2bd20d0f&trackData=%7B%22ApplySource%22%3A7%7D

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