Kesempatan Karir Terbuka: Lowongan Social Media Specialist – Jakarta

  • Arby Seo
  • Feb 12, 2024



Informasi Mengenai Perusahaan:

SKINMURCH is a brand owned by SANA MORIOKA INDUSTRIES in beauty. A local indie brand that aspires to expand into the international market rapidly.

Deskripsi Pekerjaan

  • Create content plan and strategy for skinmurch
  • Maintain engagement rate by interacting with followers
  • Create content from start to finish (concept, manage, execute, create captions to upload, etc.)
  • Post engaging content daily for all social media skin much (Instagram: (Feeds, Stories, Reels, live), Twitter, Threads)
  • Monitor trends in social media, beauty, lifestyle/pop culture, and appropriately apply that knowledge to create viral content
  • Analyze and develop social media strategies to ensure that the content produced can attract attention and increase sales targets
  • Collaborate and brainstorm ideas with the team and create content designs for social media, events, and offline promotional
  • Involved in the campaign content production and contributed to the creative work through conceptual ideation/inputs
  • Analyze daily content insights. (maintain highly insightful content; if uploaded content does not provide high insight, then learn and develop)
  • Manage the content calendar and ensure a consistent content schedule across all platforms
  • Analyze competitors and trends in digital marketing
  • Leads, supervises, carry to daily execution on all the briefs, assets requests, assets placements, and alignments
  • Help develop, implement, and monitor the result of promotional digital marketing activities (e.g., endorse).
  • Develop new product/brand materials for customer/marketing sales team
  • Analyze competitors and trends in the market
  • Develop a detailed project plan to track progress
  • Participate in brainstorming sessions to discuss social media content ideas and copywriting captions on all platform
  • Evaluate the post-daily report on every campaign that has been done and suggest the following plans

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