Loker Bandung: Posisi Repair Engineer

  • Arby Seo
  • Okt 30, 2023
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Deskripsi Pekerjaan

Job Requirement :

• Graduate of an engineering curriculum with a degree and specialized training and experience in turbomachinery and related disciplines that provide technical qualification for assigned functions.

• Knowledge of CAD, 3D CAD, and CREO is preferable.

• Demonstrated effective judgment and independence of action.

• Knowledge of company policies, markets, organization structure, and procedures.

• Minimum applicable engineering experience level of five (5) years.

Job Description :

• Plans, budgets, schedules, and performs engineering assignments toward specified objectives within the allocated time, schedule, cost, and constraint established by supervision.

• Independently initiates, develops, applies, and tests designs for new repair opportunities, special applications/systems, and existing products/systems improvements.

• Independently plans, prepares and executes experimental programs for the development of new or existing repair opportunities, and design procedures. method or systems and issue applicable documentation,

• Initiates changes to existing component designs and repair methods as required for shop orders product improvements, manufacturing considerations, and field modifications

• Responsible for planning, organizing, and completing major elements of the technical plan.

• Provides participative direction to those performing the assignment in the calculation and analysis of data and final reporting,

• Provides technical information, coordinates, and follows up in intra/inter-departmental activities to ensure conformance to design and quality standards.

• Approves layouts and drawings for assigned projects, issues appropriate documentation, and informs supervision of activity status.

• Provides specialized technical support/information to Sales and Service as assigned.

• Provides innovation and original ideas.

• Maintains awareness of new and state-of-the-art technology, competitive intelligence, and new turbomachinery applications/user requirements.

• Administers capital and inter-departmental programs as assigned by supervision.

• Maintains knowledge of company objectives and technical plan as applied to assignment and related products/systems/functions.

• Promotes, implements, and reflects productivity and quality ideas as related to assigned functions.

• Pursues a personal career development plan prepared in conjunction with supervision.

• Performs other duties as assigned by supervision.

• Performs planning and technical detailing for field service jobs to establish the service work requirements to be performed

• Establishes quality and documentation requirements for repair jobs

Cara Melamar :

Lamaran dikirimkan online melalui link berikut:

Link PT Ebara Turbomachinery Services Indonesia: https://myjobstreet-id.jobstreet.co.id/application/online-apply.php?AdvertisementSource=1&advertisement_id=4514553&fr=49&jobId=4512566&job_id=4512566&s=40&searchPath=%2Fid%2Fjobs%2Fin-Bandung-Jawa-Barat&token=0~d524c2bc-5fde-4dad-95f1-053d2badb269&trackData=%7B%22ApplySource%22%3A7%7D

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