Lowongan Corporate Communication Officer Jakarta

  • Arby Seo
  • Des 16, 2023
PT Indonesia Infrastructure Finance


Informasi Mengenai Perusahaan:

PT Indonesia Infrastructure Finance (IIF) merupakan perusahaan swasta nasional yang bergerak dalam bidang pembiayaan infrastruktur, yang dikelola secara profesional dengan fokus investasi pada proyek-proyek infrastruktur yang layak secara komersial.

Deskripsi Pekerjaan

Job Descriptions:

  1. Carry out the implementation of corporate communication practices, which includes but is not limited to communications with internal and external parties and building strong and effective relationships to transmit coherence, credible, and consistent messages that are aligned with the company brand image & goals;
  2. Carry out the arrangement of corporate events for both internal and external parties to ensure by company policies and regulations to achieve company objectives;
  3. Carry out the development of IIF’s reporting for both internal and external stakeholders to ensure all information is shared and provided to the right parties;
  4. Carry out corporate communication activities within the organization and with corporate external stakeholders to ensure that the activities are aligned and achieving company objectives;
  5. Carry out company social media activities (including activity control) to ensure the content’s attractiveness and alignment with the Company’s objectives.


  1. Below 30 years old;
  2. Minimum Bachelor’s degree in Communications, Public Relations, Secretarial, or other related educational background;
  3. English proficiency and good interpersonal skills.

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